Our Roots


We’ve been soul sisters from the beginning (even before we knew it!), but our paths crossed at the right time when our beautiful daughters forged their bond at school.  Our common ground runs deep and wide, but soars to another level when we meet in the kitchen.  And we could not be more aligned in our life’s mission to raise strong, independent young women who will reach for the sun, shoot for the moon and catch many a star with their intellect, grace, charm and an arsenal of delicious recipes!

Stephanie & Ramsey

Stephanie is a daughter of the South, hailing from Florida, Georgia, Kentucky and Virginia.  She and daughter, Ramsey, hang their hats in their 137 year-old southern Virginia farmhouse. They are proud Georgia Bulldogs and are always up for a travel adventure to Athens…and beyond.  Stephanie’s culinary inspiration comes from both of her grandmothers and her great Aunt Sally.

Ellen, Catherine and Elizabeth

Ellen is a Texas bluebell through and through but has deep Virginia roots too.  A gifted cook, Ellen is the epitome of sass and class and is dedicated to passing down her Old Dominion and Lone Star traditions to her two girls, Catherine and Elizabeth.  Ellen is all about a thank you note and can grill like nobody’s business!  She was born to cook, but gives full credit to her mom for fostering that talent early on.  And Ina Garten walks on water (Barefoot, no less) in Ellen’s kitchen!

The Goal

We get together at one another’s homes once a month and cook like it’s going out of style!  Everyone pitches in, we make decisions together and the girls capture the whole shebang on camera.  In addition to whipping up something special together each month, our ultimate goal is to travel the South and learn cooking styles from Virginia to Texas and everywhere in between…and share them with all of you.  

When the work is complete and we sit down to enjoy our labors of love, we toast to the infamous quote:  

Here’s to strong women.  May we know them.  May we be them.  May we raise them.

 Can we get an AMEN?

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