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Celebrating Our Debut on National Write Your Story Day!

It’s National Write Your Story Day and in our hearts, minds, and dreams, our story with you is just getting started!

So, come on in and sit a spell at the Southern Dinner Belles’ table. We’ve been cooking up a storm for y’all and are having the time of our lives. But before we serve your plate, allow us to introduce ourselves.


Hello, my name is Catherine! During the year, I play field hockey, dance, participate in the drama productions at my school, and play the guitar. In the summer, I enjoy spending time at the lake, the beach and love to cook with all of my family and friends.


My name is Elizabeth. I enjoy dancing, playing tennis, swimming and going to Camp Seafarer. My friends mostly know me for my love of sweets. I love to cook with my mom. I enjoy making desserts whenever I can!  My Halloween costume is usually a sweet treat! 


Hey there, I’m Ellen and the proud mama of my two girls, Catherine deRosset and Elizabeth Waite. I am Virginia born, was bred in Texas, and eventually migrated back to my roots here in southern Virginia. I spend lots of time with my family and friends and entertaining for them — whether it’s on my favorite porch, Texas lake house or at the beach — is what I enjoy most!  Many of my favorite recipes have been inspired from my mother and Ina Garten and I look forward to sharing them with all of you!


Hi, I’m Ramsey. I love to figure skate and play basketball. THEATRE IS MY LIFE!  But most of all, I love my family and friends!

Cooking has always been a fun thing to watch and do! I’ve been cooking with my mom as long as I can remember.


Hey, y’all! I’m the old hat of the bunch as I first came to you as the Southern Dinner Belle and subsequently fell off the planet less than a year later. I work behind some sort of screen nearly all day, everyday for work and, quite frankly my dear(s), dinner-belling it solo on the side got to be a little much.

In the meantime, these sassafrases and I began exchanging ideas, recipes and a whole lotta laughs and hatched the plan to team up and do this together. And I haven’t looked back! We’re learning as we go while doing something we love and our girls are discovering how to express themselves, fine tune a passion, channel a fascination with social media and experience the joy of gathering around a table to savor our labors of love in the kitchen. All of this makes me so excited to get back in the saddle. Many thanks for your support and for following our journey. Let’s get this party started!