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Have It All, Y’all! SDB Parisian Cooking Class Part Trois

It’s mighty fitting that our favorite Lucindyism pairs with the grand finale course of a most memorable meal.  Lucindy’s most inspiring words from our April in Paris cooking class dared us to dream — and dream big. And while we’ve already shared a wonderful pots de creme recipe from our debut SDB meal, we learned another technique from Lucindy that dripped with raspberry charm and topped off the sweetness of the day with homemade whipped cream.  Rest assured, we spooned a hearty helping of both as Lucindy encouraged us all with her final words of wisdom…

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You Are In Control, Y’all — SDB Parisian Cooking Class Part Deux

On the prettiest spring Saturday in April, four American girls gathered at a cabin nestled along a North Carolina lake to channel our inner Julia Child for a Parisian cooking class. And while the Eiffel Tower and the Siene River were half a world away, we cooked the day away living La Vie En Rose to the fullest. 

Our fearless chef and mentor, Dr. Lucindy Willis, showed us the ropes and dropped more one liners than you could shake a stick at.  We’ve already shared her delicious first course and Part One Lucindyism with y’all.  Another pearl of wisdom she dropped was…well, read on!

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